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Self adjusting sunglasses

Posted by Jim Connolly on 28th Sep 2015

I have some news today, which will be welcomed by many sunglasses fans. It will also be good news for those of us interested in so-called smart glasses and those of us who wear prescription glasses.

Slipping sunglasses suck

No matter how well designed a pair of sunglasses are, they are prone to move a little. This is especially the case during exercise. If you’re a runner, cyclist, skateboarder or just an active person, you’ll know exactly what I mean. You get into a a groove, but then have to readjust your sunglasses

This is not only irritating; it can be dangerous if you’re taking your hands off the handlebars of your cycle or taking your attention off whatever you’re supposed to be focused on.

Google patent to help those who wear glasses

Well, a recent patent by technology giant Google may signal an end to the need to readjust your sunglasses. Earlier this month, Google was awarded a patent for self-adjusting smart glasses. (see image above). The self-adjusting system works by utilizing motion sensors, which feed information to a tiny motor. Both the sensor and motor are built directly into the frame. Between them, they can sense if the frame has moved and then readjust, so they remain in place.

Whilst there’s no guarantee that the patent will ever be featured in a commercially available product, the idea is extremely valuable. It’s thought the feature is something that’s planned for future versions of Google Glass, the tech giant’s smart eyewear project. However, I see a wider use case for this technology. 

Like many people, I’d happily pay more for glasses or sunglasses with that feature built into the frames. If they can produce it, I think it could be extremely popular.

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