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Story of Designer Sunglasses

24th May 2018

Wearing sunglasses was just about protecting the eyes but not anymore. They have become a style statement and a very important accessory in fashion. Wholesale designer sunglasses have an entire line of sunglasses that appeal to both men and women. From custom made lenses to lenses in various pops of colors – sunglasses can really add character and style to your face. Here’s a look at the inside story of designer shades.

Wholesale De-Designer Sunglasses


Style icons, actors, musicians and legends have made certain variety of sunglasses iconic. Jacqueline Kennedy wore an oversized pair of sunglasses that were called the ‘The Jackie O’. James Dean the famous 50’s movie star wore the wayfarer making it his personal style statement. Designer aviators gained popularity because of movies such as ‘Top Gun’ starring Tom Cruise wearing them. Musicians often use retro glasses or mirrored lenses to create an air of mystery. Cat eyes are worn to bring out the flirty side of them while large, oversized shades add a glamour quotient. Many famous people have helped raise the bar on sunglasses making it a true statement of fashion. All these and more are available at select designer sunglasses wholesale stores for you to choose from.

Brand Logos

More and more designer sunglasses wholesale stores are now stocking on branded eyewear. Several fashion homes have their signature styles of eyewear that are distinct and easily recognizable. Butterfly frames and quirky frames is synonym with Prada eyewear. Dolce and Gabbana with their D &G Logo is another popular and famous choice of eyewear. Gucci covers a whole range of choices from aviators to square lenses in different styles and colors. Versace caters to women with its exquisitely ornate details.

Designer sunglasses are on the top rung of fashion. It’s always evolving and defining the existing fad. It now carries a prestige factor and is a must invest fashion accessory. Be it a simple frame or a tortoise shell patterned one even a square bottomed pair of eyewear can definitely turn plenty of heads. It’s time to go find one that tells your story.