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Styles of Sunglasses, and What They Mean to You.

1st May 2012

Have you ever stopped and thought, even fleetingly, of how many styles of sunglasses are out there? Assuredly, the various styles is innumerable, however there are amongst these, the enduring, time-tested, sunglass styles that have never fallen out of popularity. Those famous styles of sunglasses that you will invariably find at any self-respecting sunglasses retail location. Such as Aviators, California Classics, Large Frame Sunglasses etc., but what about those sunglass styles that are unique to your personality?

Diamond™ EyewearOf course, Aviators, Classics, and Cat-Eye sunglasses take top billing in the Famous Sunglasses arena, but what about all of the 'not so popular' sunglasses? Those one of a kind styles that never quite catch on, or worse, the styles you just can't seem to find? How often have you strolled down the sidewalk, or through the mall and caught a glimpse of someone sporting a "must have" pair of sunglasses, only to discover that you can't find them at your favorite sunglass retailer? For myself, it is those wonderfully silver lenses. No, I don't mean the mirrored lens sunglasses so common to aviator sunglasses; I'm referring to those wonderfully sexy, lightly tinted lenses that reflect a gorgeous, shimmering, clear silver color. Three years ago, they were on every sunglass display, in every five & dime market, on every street corner. I had several pairs of these incredible sunglasses, and never paid more than ten bucks a pair. Of course, as those things go, the sunglasses were lost, or broken, and by the following summer I couldn't find a pair of these sunglasses to save my life! (O the horror!) Fortunately, I eventually found the style of sunglasses I was seeking so frantically. At CTS Wholesale Sunglasses I found that Diamond Eyewear has a great model, DI503, and within this dozen, there are in fact the clear lenses I adore. Now, these might not be as famous of a style of sunglasses as other sunglasses, but they are a personal favorite. And isn't that what sunglasses really represent? Styles of sunglasses are as individual as the people that wear them. Sunglass styles are often times the finishing touch to an outward appearance, an expressive accessory, giving voice to your inner personality. Ok, and yes, they do block the sunlight.

Sunglass styles are a fun and expressive way to protect your eyes, and with any luck, your chosen style of sunglasses will reflect your personality.