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Sunglasses and squinting at the Emmys

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As if proof were needed, it seems sunglasses and celebrities still go hand in hand. I’m referring to one of the stories that came from the 67th Emmy awards, which took place in Hollywood on Sunday. Here’s what happened.

Damien Lewis, star of the hit TV show Homeland, attended the awards with his wife, Helen McCory. Despite the hot and sunny weather in southern California, McCory arrived without sunglasses, unlike her husband.

Sunglasses and a gallant gesture

The story goes that McCory somehow forgot to bring her sunglasses, so in a gallant gesture, Lewis decided to offer his wife his sunglasses. He did this, so she didn’t have to squint when having her photo taken on the red carpet.

Eagle-eyed observers noticed that the sunglasses looked somewhat small for Lewis’ face, yet seemed to fit his wife’s face perfectly. Others mentioned that almost none of the other celebrities were photographed wearing sunglasses on the red carpet.

It’s been suggested online that the whole thing was a PR stunt. Obviously, I have no idea myself. Whether it was a stunt or not, it certainly captured a lot of attention. Photos of McCory wearing her husband’s sunglasses, whilst he squints in the sunlight, reached newspapers worldwide.

Damien Lewis is said to be in the running to be the next James Bond. With international newspaper headlines hailing the English actor as a gentleman, for putting his wife first, this gesture will not have done his chances any harm at all.

Sunglasses and red carpets

Whatever the real story is here, and I’d prefer to believe that Lewis was being a gentleman, the lesson is simple. The next time you are invited to a red carpet event in Hollywood, make sure you pack your sunglasses.

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