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Sunglasses innovation or a marketing story?

Posted by Jim Connolly on 27th Aug 2015

As someone who writes about sunglasses a couple of times every week, I read about the subject a lot. One area I keep an eye on is sunglasses-related news stories. I especially love innovation and there’s lots of new ideas within the sunglasses industry.

Sunglasses and innovation

Some of the innovations I have discovered have been breathtakingly wonderful. These include sunglasses that can help some blind people to see, sunglasses that can help color-blind people identify colors and sunglasses that are manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Sunglasses, smoke and marketing

Many of the so-called new ideas offer nothing new. They’re simply smoke and mirrors. No substance. No innovative products. No new technology. Just marketing and PR. These wholly unremarkable companies and products tend to specialize in gimmicks. They import cheap sunglasses, give them a name and then manufacture a story around them.

For example, after a quick look around the Internet, it’s easy to find a report that a certain color makes people feel more energetic, calm or confident. So, an entrepreneur imports lots of cheap sunglasses in that color and packages then as something like ConfiGlasses. Then ConfiGlasses would be marketed as “Sunglasses that will boost your confidence”. They’ll offer you a money back guarantee if you didn’t feel more confident wearing their “special” sunglasses. They do this, knowing very few people will request a refund, so long as the price is relatively low. Asking for a refund is the equivalent of admitting you fell for their story.

Of course, this is exactly what we see in pretty much every industry. And it exists because marketers know that a subset of people will fall for the message.

My point with this post is to promise that when I cover an innovation here on the CTS Wholesale Sunglasses website, it will be genuine innovation. That’s where the real magic is.

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