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Sunglasses protection for cyclists

Posted by Jim Connolly on 8th Oct 2015

News reached me today of an interesting sunglasses innovation. It’s aimed squarely at cyclists. And, like a lot of good ideas, this innovation seems extremely simple.

A sunglasses holder for your bike

Lee Rosenblatt and Kenneth Acklin from Utah have got together to create a product called Shade Vise. So, what exactly does Shade Vise do? It provides a simple way for you to store your sunglasses on your bike. Think of it as a sunglasses holder.

How the sunglasses holder works

The device is comprised of 2 specially designed clips. The clips are fitted to the center of the underside of the bike’s handlebars. This allows the cyclist to remove their sunglasses with one hand and fit them securely to the bike. As the cyclist is able to keep one hand on the handlebars at all times, this sunglasses holder is safer to use whilst cycling, than solutions that require both hands. The device also allows the cyclist to fit their sunglasses to it, without the need to touch the lenses.

The device is currently being crowd sourced via a Kickstarter campaign. According to the campaign page, the guys behind Shade Vise conducted a survey. The survey showed that “the average” cyclist has to replace their sunglasses 2.7 times a year.

The Shade Vise sunglasses holder is manufactured in the USA, giving the team behind it greater control over quality and logistics etc. It’s also been patented at the US Patent Office.

Sunglasses and cyclists

The cycling industry has been a regular source of sunglasses and sunglasses-related innovation for years. The particular needs of cyclists have inspired and pushed innovation, which non-cyclists have been able to benefit from. Ultra lightweight sunglasses and aerodynamically designed sunglasses were championed by the cycling fraternity.

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