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Sunglasses saving endangered animals

Posted by Jim Connolly on 24th Aug 2015

News reached me today of a company, which is fusing animal conservation with stylish sunglasses. The project is the brainchild of Alex Ferriera and Kaitlyn Yee. They created Extinct Sunwear, a brand that's driven by a strong desire to help animals facing extinction

The sunglasses themselves are nicely designed and based around classic themes, with a modern influence. However, what sets these sunglasses apart is that money from every pair of Extinct’s sold, goes toward helping preserve endangered animals.

Sunglasses with a cause

The frame designs are each inspired by a different animal, including gorillas, elephants, rhinos and leopards. Apparently more animal inspired designs will be added to the line. The designs fuse modern and traditional cues, and each pair comes with polarized lenses. As a huge fan of polarized lenses, I can see why they have opted for this.

At time of writing, the project is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign. This is to help raise the funds required for the initial, minimum production run. However, the co-founders also liked the idea of Kickstarter offering them international exposure, so they can hopefully reach like-minded people, worldwide.

Alex Ferriera and Kaitlyn Yee are looking for ways to make Extincts the most environmentally friendly, sustainable sunglasses they possibly can. In a recent interview, they said their goal is to be bold, sustainable and stylish.

Once again, the sunglasses industry is stepping up when it comes to being environmentally aware and in this case, conservation aware too. People who support the environment will be delighted to see that more and more brands are focused on helping the environment, and making their appreciation for the planet a cornerstone of their message.

Long may this continue.

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