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Sunglasses: The future of in-flight entertainment?

Posted by Jim Connolly on 26th Oct 2015


Wearing sunglasses inside may not make you instantly look like a rock star. But it just might make your next long-haul journey a lot more enjoyable.

For many people, long-haul flights are an uncomfortable experience. Even if we forget the lack of legroom and the often noisy fellow passengers, spending hours traveling can be… well… boring.

Until now, the best you could hope for was to watch a movie on your electronic device, with headphones on. It helped, but it’s hardly an enjoyable experience. It’s certainly nothing like what I am about to share with you in today’s sunglasses-related news.

Smart sunglasses: Like being in your own, private cabin

Osterhout Design Group’s R-7 Smart Sunglasses, are claimed to provide a massively better experience. In short, these smart sunglasses contain a display inside the lenses, which is capable of displaying High Definition (720p), information.

So, just how good are they? Well, Joan Filippini, Paramount’s SVP, Non-Theatrical Distribution said:

“While wearing ODG’s glasses, airline passengers can now watch both 2-D and 3-D movies and receive an unforgettable experience. This will be a compelling element in the future of in-flight entertainment."

Smart sunglasses solve a tricky problem

When viewing a movie on a so-called seatback screen or a laptop / tablet, the person sitting next to you can easily see exactly what you’re watching. If the person in that seat happens to be a child, and your movie isn’t suitable for children, you have a problem. Smart sunglasses solve that problem. That's because only the person wearing the smart sunglasses can see the display. So, they're free to watch the latest horror movie in total privacy.

Movie companies are notoriously careful, what kind of hardware they endorse. I can only assume from what Paramount has said, that they believe this to be a compelling way to watch movies.

I always said wearing sunglasses indoors was a cool idea!

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