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The Best Stylish Sunglasses For Men

24th Oct 2012

One quick search on the Internet will tell you there are lots of different reviews of the best sunglasses for men, but discerning tastes will want to look a little further beyond the usual brands and styles that show on many published lists. Have a look at some of the following suggestions if you're the type that wants to get noticed for the shades you wear.

Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

For something different, and at the same time elegant and stylish, Oliver Goldsmith is a manufacturer that takes pride in the fact they have skilled craftsman working for the brand in places like Japan, where technology is the priority, and in Germany, where the benchmark is precision. This is the brand that has adorned some iconic male figures, like Michael Caine, with his signature black framed spectacles.

Jeremy Tarian is another name that you'll want to know about when you're a man looking for sunglasses that are a cut above. The Highline, as an example, has the added class of gradient grey lenses with a metal matte that's sure to set any man apart who wears them. This is just one offering in a list of sunglasses for men that come from the designer that studied in Berlin and brought out his first line in 2008.

If you've got your sites set on something different with a decidedly exotic feel, there's no doubt you should be looking at what Robert Marc has to offer. In particular, his Olive Havana styling combines a traditional Aviator foundation with a dark beige accent that makes them different from anything else you've encountered.

Remember to keep in mind the fundamentals when you're looking through even these more eclectic choices. The ear and nose pieces needs to make for a comfortable fit so the entire high-end package feels and looks great.

Of course, if you are looking for something that looks good and feels great but doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, we have a wide range of affordable wholesale sunglasses for men available.