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The Many Uses of Microfiber Bags

6th Nov 2012

Recently we received a fun review from Carl Beatty from Ohio, sharing with us what he uses black micro fiber bags for. Carl states, "I have been ordering the black microfiber bags to store duck calls in that I make..." He goes on to share, "...they are by far the nicest I have used and at a great price. I would recommend them to anyone." Thank you Carl! This is a great example of the many uses microfiber bags have!

Our microfiber bags are great for lots of things, not just storing sunglasses. Measuring 6" x 3.25", with an elastic like quality that allows the material to stretch, these are a terrific storage device. You'll find that jewelry such as watches will be safe from scratches inside one of these handy bags, or anything that fits inside the bag itself. Cell phones, iPods/MP3 players, and other small electronics that are portable will be safe during transit inside one. Ladies will find the drawstring cinch makes these a perfect carrying case for face powder compacts, lip-glosses, and other miscellaneous make-up products that you like to have on hand. With the bags' collapsible quality, the only space required is determined by the contents stored inside, which is nice if space is limited as it might be inside of a purse for instance.

These are sold by the dozen at CTS, and are currently available in black and silver colors. For just $3.00 a dozen, you can see why these are a cost effective and protective storage devices for sunglasses and so many other things. Another soft storage option is the new drawstring pouches that are made of a sturdy material, and come in fun graphic patterns.

At CTS Wholesale we really enjoy our customer feedback. Our reviews website has given our customers a chance to share why they love the products at CTS. As well as given the CTS Team the privilege of hearing wonderful comments and tons of praise! Additionally, it gives us insight as to how we might better serve you as a wholesale supplier.

Microfiber Bags