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The sunglasses search that inspired a new business

Posted by Jim Connolly on 23rd Oct 2015


Sunglasses innovation comes from many different places. Often, it’s driven by someone’s frustration. The thing they’re looking for doesn’t exist, so they decide to create it. This is exactly what happened with the sunglasses story I’m going to share with you today.

An unsuccessful sunglasses hunt

Apparently, Chris Limburg and his wife, Sally, had no intention of going into the sunglasses business. However, following a log, fruitless search to find sunglasses that fit Sally, a business idea was born. That idea sparked Pacific Rim Eyewear.

Sally was born with a low nose bridge. For years, she had struggled to find sunglasses, which fit her and also felt comfortable. After a particularly frustrating hunt for some new sunglasses, Sally and Chris had an idea. If Sally was having so much trouble finding sunglasses that fit her low nose bridge, millions of other people will have the same problem. In short, they identified a gap in the market.

Chris found a company that helped design and create sunglasses for people, with different facial shapes. Then, in March 2015, Chris and Sally Limburg launched Pacific Rim Eyewear.

In a recent interview, Sally said: “I have a low nose bridge because I am Chinese. But after a while, you realize there's a lot of people out there who have low nose bridges." And Sally is absolutely right. My wife, who’s European, also has a fairly low nose bridge. She sometimes finds it a little tricky to shop for sunglasses, which fit her the way she wants them too.

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