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Tips For Opening A Small Boutique (Selling Sunglasses)

14th Mar 2013

Tips For Opening A Small Boutique (Selling Sunglasses)

Looking to sell sunglasses from a smaller venue? Then you will need to make sure you have some tips for opening a small boutique handy as a reference. There is quite a bit of planning that goes into any successful enterprise and starting from the beginning with a solid business plan is an excellent first step.

A Business Plan

Each stage of your planned business development needs to be outlined. Well before you start to stock the shelves or put together an outstanding website you need to put together a solid business plan.

It's critical to list start up costs as well as business and personal loans and the amount of money needed to keep things running on a monthly basis. Everything needs to be mentioned including any marketing plans you have. The roles that everyone will play from management to employees also need to be included in the last section of this business plan.

Lease A Good Space

Although it's a good idea to follow the latest trends, such as making sure that you have some floral print sunglasses on hand and revolving display cases to show them in, finding the right location is a priority. No list of solid tips for opening a small boutique would be complete without some good advice on this subject. A careful search for the right space in a shopping mall or downtown location should include an effort to blend your budget with space requirements. Display windows facing the mall or outdoor areas are essential features. You also need enough room to carry the spring and summer lines of everything from the latest Aviators to the most popular trends in Cat Eye styles.

Cover Your Legal Requirements

Being able to tell any potential clients all about how polarized sunglasses cut the glare down from the sun's UV rays matters. You will be much more comfortable doing that when you take heed of all these tips for opening a small boutique. Be aware that covering the legal requirements for starting a business in your specific area is something else you can't afford to overlook. Making sure you have the right business license from your local small business administration office will prevent any issues from cropping up once you've started operations.

Find A Wholesaler

The traditional Buy Low, Sell High business model is simple and effective. In order to be successful in any retail business you will need to find a reputable supplier of goods (in this case sunglasses) that are not only high quality but also affordable. The best way to accomplish this is by finding a wholesaler. With the ease of the internet you can easily find wholesalers. Another great tip is to attend a trade show. However you find your potential wholesaler make sure you do your research, ask for references and for samples before you sign any contract.