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Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Bulk Folding Sunglasses

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 4th Mar 2019

Sunglasses are a great accessory for style and eye protection. However, many people end up scratching or damaging their favorite pair of sunnies because they don’t store them in cases, especially when they’re on the go. Wholesale folding sunglasses are a convenient solution - for a smart sunglasses retailers, they are an opportunity to grow profits and satisfy customers’ needs.

Convenient To Put Away

Many people, men and women, simply don’t bother with placing sunglasses back in cases when they’re not using them outdoors. This can lead to sunglasses getting scratched, dropped or even lost. How many times have you forgotten your shades on park benches or restaurant tables? Wholesale folding sunglasses are just what they imply – they fold up into a convenient little package and can be stored safely in small pouches or even your pocket.

100% UV Protection

Foldable sunglasses are more difficult to damage or destroy when compared to ordinary sunglasses. The folding feature does not come in the way of their practical function. They still provide 100% UVA and UVB eye protection with the added benefits of style and convenience. For a sunglasses retailer, wholesale folding sunglasses can be game-changing products to invest in. Not only do these sunglasses have a huge market, but they are also available in numerous styles and at surprisingly low prices. In fact, there are styles for adults and children.

Attractive Adult Styles

Many people are under the misconception that folding glasses are small eyeglasses that grandmas wear. Nothing could be further than the truth. Consider folding California classics that feature a sporty style – they’re a must-have accessory for every sporty person who wants to accentuate their looks with a pair of stylish shades. The wholesale cost is just twenty four dollars a dozen, which translates into two dollars per pair. They can easily be retailed for twelve dollars, leaving you with a profit margin of ten dollars.

Delightful Kid-Friendly Designs

Wholesale folding sunglasses are a huge hit with kids too. Foldable sunglasses for kids fold up into adorable designs including crabs, lady bugs, bird face, owl, butterfly, apple and cute kitties. They’re available in fun, attractive colors and guaranteed to be a hit at any kid’s birthday party or school event. What’s more, they come with 100% UV protection and sell for as little as sixteen dollars a dozen. There are lots of reasons you’d want to include them on your display rack.