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Top Ten Reasons To Wear Sunglasses

15th Aug 2017

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The Top Ten Reasons To Wear Sunglasses are:

#10 - They are great for impersonations

With a great pair of aviator sunglasses you can show off your best Horatio impersonation. Once you've mastered the sunglasses technique all you will need to do is come up with a few cheesy puns.

#9 - They can help to prevent wrinkles

Old lady with lots of wrinkles Sunglasses can help you to prevent constantly squinting, unless of course you need corrective lenses. But best of all, if you are no longer squinting there is a good chance that you can prevent the formation of wrinkles around your eyes. As you can see, the lady in the picture above never wore a pair of sunglasses a single day in her life!

#8 - They're a great way to hide those unsightly red eyes

Cheech Marin from Up In Smoke It's allergy season, and if you are among the 10% of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know all about unsightly red eyes. Your nose is running, you're sneezing, and worst of all your eyes are scratchy and red. People either think you are suffering from a summer cold, or worse, that you've pulled a Cheech! A good pair of wraparound sunglasses can do wonders.

#7 - They can hide black eyes too

Jerry Seinfeld from 'The Pen' episode Not only can sunglasses help you to hide your red eyes, but they can also hide those unsightly, and slightly embarrassing black eyes. It's very rare that someone gets two black eyes at the same time, but just like poor Seinfeld here, it actually can happen while scuba diving. Believe me.

#6 - They are also good for hiding closed eyes

Typically one should only wear sunglasses outdoors, but if you are lounging by the pool and want sneak in a little catnap, sunglasses will do the trick. Just imagine if they made realistic human eye sunglasses! Then we could all pull a 'Homer every once in a while.

#5 - They can work as a hangover remedy

Alan and baby Carlos wearing sunglasses We've all been there at one time or another, and know how excruciating the next morning (or afternoon) can be. You know, when that blinding sun smacks you right in the face. Not only will a pair of hangover shades help you to hide your shame from others, but they can also help you to venture outdoors without experiencing a blinding headache.

#4 - They are usually great at hiding what you are actually looking at

As long as you don't turn your head, sunglasses are usually a great way to shield your eyes from others so they can't tell what you are actually looking at. As they say, it's okay to look, right?

#3 - They can also help to hide what your eyes are actually doing

James Van Der Beek crying Not to be confused with the entry from above, this reason to wear sunglasses is less to hide what you are looking at then it is to hide the embarrassing thing your eyes are doing. Like you know, leaking water while watching that chick flick with your girlfriend. "I swear honey, I just have something in my eye. *sob*

#2 - They are a great way to put on the blinders

Ben Affleck in the movie Daredevil Have you ever been shopping and spotted that annoying co-worker across the room? Don't you wish you never made eye contact, which they of course took as an invitation to come over and talk your ear off? Well with a great pair of dark tinted sunglasses you can throw on the ole' blinders and walk right on by. The next day at work you can always play dumb, "What? You were waving at me? Sorry, I didn't see you. I'm practically blind in these sunglasses." Ah, you're welcome.

#1 - They're just so damn cool

Corey Hart's, Wear My Sunglasses At Night album cover And the #1 reason to wear sunglasses is: The sun never sets on the cool. Please note: Only a guy as cool as Corey Hart can pull off wearing his sunglasses at night. So if you aren't him, please, don't even think about it.