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Trendy Nerd Glasses at CTS Wholesale

3rd Mar 2014

Nerd Glasses Wholesale Super cool, totally trending and available now at CTS Wholesale Sunglasses: " NERDS" Glasses! These California Classics feature a black frame, with a diamond patterned interior frame of blue and white. Note the white plastic mesh lenses that have been painted with a big, bright red heart on one lens, and "NERDS" on the other! CTS offers these classics with a twist in full dozens of all black frames. As always, each dozen comes with a free display box too. We anticipate these to be among our top sellers. Get a jump on the competition and be the first in your area to offer these!

These new nerd glasses are sold in a 12 pack for $24 (that's just 2 bucks a pair!)

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Also trending now are clear lens sunglasses. Available in a variety of designs, colors, frames and patterns at CTS Wholesale. You'll find glow in the dark frames, checkered frames, zebra striped, and many more. These come in several styles as well, including popular California Classics, Aviators and others. Commonly referred to as Nerd Glasses, these are selling very well. Clear Lens Sunglasses Shown to the right is a new clear lens California Classics with a patriotic color scheme of translucent red, clear and blue. Additionally this model features a glitter filled frame, in silver color, which adds a striking touch. This will be fun for any Independence Day event! If you're new to nerding out, get a crash course on the full extend of nerdiness! Check out our in-depth account on Nerd Glasses!