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UV Protection & Clear Sunglasses

31st Oct 2013

You might have noticed one of the newest trends in eyewear is a clear lens sunglasses style. You have most likely spotted celebrities wearing clear lens California Classics, making a very chic fashion statement. But did you ever stop to wonder if these hip new glasses actually offer the same level of UV protection as standard sunglasses? Believe it or not they do!

Ultraviolet protective coating is a relatively easy coating to apply to lenses, whether clear or tinted. It is applied to lenses during manufacturing and is a voluntary addition to the process. Due to it being a voluntary addition to the manufacturing process of sunglasses, the protection offered can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Due to this fact it is necessary to be vigilant when looking for 100% UV protective eyewear. Sunglasses that do provide the full 100% protection will clearly state this, usually with a sticker on the lens of the glasses. If you don't see the sticker there is a good chance that the glasses do not in fact provide the fullest protection. Here at CTS Wholesale you will be assured of the protection by viewing the product description area, right next to the diagram displaying measurements of sunglasses, as shown to the right.

Currently CTS offers clear lens California Classic sunglasses in a variety of cute styles. Several of these are decorated with bows and some even with faux rhinestones. There are even some with bunny ears and bows too! Item 6000 is a perfect unisex style with a terrific assortment of frame colors, so you're sure to find a style to fit you, or your customers if you're a retailer. You can find them in the new Clear Sunglasses category, or in the October New Arrivals, or of course in the California Classics category in the online store. All are priced at a terrific wholesale price of just $21 a dozen.

Clear Lens California Classics