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Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses Have A Cool History

30th May 2012

Wholesale Aviator Sungalsses

When you start researching about sunglasses on CTS Wholesale Sunglasses, you'll learn all about interesting and helpful notions like UV rays that are harmful to your eyes and polarized lenses that can keep them safe.

Still most people looking for wholesale aviator sunglasses are also looking to include the style factor and when it comes to this particular kind of aviator glasses, most people are surprised to find there's an interesting history behind these shades. It's good to know the shades that you're picking have style and function going for them.

People who are looking for this brand now might be into fashion, but these were originally designed to serve a function and help cut down on the glare that pilots faced when they were airborne. Although Tom Cruise popularized these particular glasses in the 1980s movie called Top Gun, they have a history that stretches back to the Second World War. Mirrored Aviators with Spring Hinges

Although aviator sunglasses look great and have been adopted by many law enforcement agencies as well as pilots worldwide, the styling of their frames allows for lenses that are 2 to 3 times larger than the area needed to cover the average eyeball. While aviators have lenses that are typically polarized to cut down on the glare, they also come with mirrored lenses.

Even though these glasses were originally designed to have a function that served people in their professions, they gained favor with a variety of outdoor enthusiasts like skiers and even people who spend a lot of time on the water like boaters. By blocking the transmissions of horizontal light, the polarized lenses that are quite often used in these sunglasses not only cut down on the glare but also they increase the detail you can see when wearing them.

Looking at the history of aviator sunglasses will tell you these have survived at least in part because they serve a useful purpose. However, like a lot of the other sunglasses out on the market today, they also have a style that makes a statement no matter where you wear them.