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Wholesale Cigarette Cases And Lighters That Suit Your Taste

22nd Aug 2012

Cigarette Case

You might have started looking at the variety of wholesale cigarette cases and lighters on the market because you wanted a convenient way to both carry your cigarettes and light them. However, after sitting down in front of your computer and starting the search, you soon found there were more than a few features that made each of the ones you looked at unique.

The whole idea behind cigarette cases was developed years ago. You can still find some examples on the market of the more elaborate varieties that were made back in the 1930's and earlier. Today, modern technology should be considered when people are choosing the right case from what's available. You can find a selection of these products made to withstand the elements, including cases that are fashioned with silicone so your cigarettes stay dry even if you find yourself caught in a sudden downpour.

Some buyers might not be as concerned with waterproofing and may be more interested in a unique style that will make a statement and get noticed. For those folks, you can find a variety of different decorative coatings, and one of the more original is a polished aluminum alloy. This is a material that is durable, will not rust easily and looks great. Don't forget to consider leather as well for an elegant look.

When it comes to the lighter it should be both refillable and windproof. One of the best options is an oil lighter. We have a wide selection of oil lighters that are both wind proof, refillable and also come with replaceable wicks and flints.

You can take a look at all of the available wholesale cigarette cases and lighters on our new arrivals page for August found here.