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Wholesale Cowboy Caps

14th Mar 2012

Cowboy Coworkers

Today's cowboy is very different from the gun totin' outlaws we think about from the movies. Besides the horse, and the boots of course, the one thing that that makes a cowboy a cowboy is his hat.

The traditional cowboy hat has been the headgear of choice for cattle ranchers, and outlaws alike, since the mid 1800s, when Stetson introduced the first cowboy hat. It has been an iconic piece of cowboy culture ever since.

Today's cowboy has many more options when it comes to their choice of headgear, from cowboy hats to wholesale cowboy caps.

You might be asking yourself, 'What's the difference?'

Well, here's a cowboy hat: Wyatt's Cowboy Hat

And here's a cowboy cap:

The choice really comes down to personal preference, but either one, wholesale hats will help to keep the sun out of your eyes and the rain off of your face.

We'll finish up with a little cowboy hat etiquette:

1) Tip your hat when:

  • passing by a woman when you give a courteous hello
  • when a woman thanks you
  • when you get directions from stranger
  • when you excuse yourself to a woman

2) Take your hat off when:

  • you enter a building
  • during the National Anthem
  • when you are being introduced
  • beginning a conversation
  • attending a funeral

*Tips hat* Happy trails pardner'.