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Wholesale Goggles ~ Protective Eyewear

9th Nov 2011

Goggles Uses:

Goggles are used in a wide array of sporting activities, from skiing and snowboarding to BMX and motor cross. You will see goggles being used by swimmers, chemists, Jockeys, wood workers and even divers just to name a few! They're also very useful when out riding your motorcycle, and just about any situation where you need to protect your eyes.

Goggles are designed to protect eyes, and to remain in place during strenuous activities. These qualities are accomplished with two unique features. Our wholesale goggles are lined with foam padding on the interior of the lenses, and an adjustable elastic strap. Our goggles are great because they are so durable, they are made to withstand the strenuous activities that they're used for.

Goggles Styles:

Wholesale Goggles with Flames

Goggles come in several lens shapes, from sleek looking, to a more full coverage style. Some have two lenses, while others have a single piece lens. Frequently the lenses have an opaque reflective quality that is very popular. We have goggles that are fashioned after sports sunglasses, that feature foam padded interiors and an adjustable strap, as well as goggles for more strenuous sports that offer much more coverage and protection. We even have goggles with flames!

For retailers, CTS provides a very convenient variety pack of goggles, which combines the various styles of goggles into one sample pack. This allows resellers to offer a wider selection of goggles for potential customers, while maintaining a lower inventory and still benefiting from low wholesale pricing.


Wholesale Goggles Prices:

CTS has expanded their selection to reflect the various uses of goggles, and their growing popularity. Our goggles start as low as $34 per dozen, which makes them less that $2.84 per pair. Goggles have such a wide range of uses; it's assured that they will sell very well. Buying them wholesale at prices like ours is a sure way to make a very nice profit. Don't forget, CTS does not require a minimum order amount, you can easily buy one dozen, or more.

So whether you are looking for motorcycle goggles, ski goggles or snowboarding goggles, CTS is going to have exactly what you want. Our pricing scale enables retailers to provide not only quality, but selection as well; while still providing googles at a competitive price.

Additionally, we carry a nice goggle display case for counter tops, which holds 5 pairs of goggles. This model comes with a mirror as well. You can view this display here.

If you haven't browsed the full range of googles available at CTS, do so now.

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