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Wholesale Reading Glasses

14th Dec 2011

Looking for a reliable source for wholesale reading glasses? Or perhaps a source that truly understands your needs as a retailer or distributor? Well CTS is your answer to all of the above. Our outstanding selection of wholesale readers reflects our deep understanding of consumer(s) needs. Made of quality materials, our wholesale reading glasses are packaged to meet every foreseeable need. Not only do they come with a nice assortment of lens strengths, several of our selections come with individual cases for each pair of reading glasses. On top of that, most of our reading glasses sets come in very attractive, ready to use display boxes that will increase point of purchase sales. 

Another very noteworthy point is that we also offer sets of wholesale readers that WILL actually appeal to both genders; with colors for the ladies, as well as manly tones, in frame styles that are universally attractive. The bottom line here is simply this: CTS understands that you want to have ALL of your reading glasses needs met in one simple selection. Check out our reading glasses category today and you'll find a solution that is tailor made for your specific needs. Find plastic framed reading glasses or very understated frameless reading glasses that are light weight and very distinguished looking. There are simple wire frame reading glasses that come by the dozen as well.

In addition to our assortments of non-gender specific reading glasses, we also have some very attractive reading glasses for ladies. There are gorgeous rhinestone readers, in stylish frame styles, and wonderful color selections. There are classic cat eye framed reading glasses too. You can even get reading glasses by favorite brands like DE Designer Eyewear. Our latest addition, and possibly the neatest are our new LED lighted reading glasses. There is one LED light on each arm, right under the hinge. Just imagine reading glasses with headlights! These come in assorted lens strengths with an assortment of black and tortoise frames and have independent on/off buttons for each light.

Wholesale Reading Glasses