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Wholesale Sunglasses: What is Your Minimum Order?

11th Apr 2013

Here at CTS Wholesale, one of the most common questions asked by our customers is "What is your minimum order?" and here at CTS we love the answer; "There is no minimum order!"

Wholesale Sunglasses: No Minimum Order

That's right, we enforce absolutely no minimum ordering requirements. You can buy as little as one dozen sunglasses, or take advantage of our Volume Discounts on large orders. Many wholesale suppliers do enforce ordering requirements such as a dollar amount of at least $100, or a set unit requirement prior to enjoying a lower advertised wholesale price. That is not the case here at CTS. When you see a dozen sunglasses priced at $8, that is the honest price; albeit it does sound a little too good to be true. Happily, in this instance it is true. Our $8 a dozen sunglasses are terrific quality and available in all the popular sports styles. Of course we have an unbeatable selection of sunglasses including our popular brands; DE™ Designer Eyewear, Diamond™ Eyewear & Xsportz™ in addition to the full range of Compare To Styles.

With every product you see at CTS, the price listed is the price you pay. There are no tricks. No minimum ordering requirements to receive a lower list price.

However, when you do take advantage of Volume Discounts you will receive 10%, 15% or even 20% off of your total order. To learn more about these discounts, simply click here. The CTS Wholesale Sunglasses "no minimum order" standard is one of the foundations of our commitment to provide a superior wholesale ordering experience to our customers. We pride ourselves on our desire to understand the needs of our customers, and our ability to anticipate those needs in advance. We hope this post has answered one of our most frequently asked questions!