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Houston Sunglasses

Houston SunglassesRetailing Houston sunglasses can be an extremely lucrative business venture, assuming of course that it is a well-executed endeavor. As with any endeavor, a good plan of action is as necessary as the hard work you’re going to put into it. Are you asking yourself why Houston sunglasses? So glad you asked! Lets cover the “why” of Houston for sunglasses, and then we can discuss the “how” of this venture.

Why Houston sunglasses…well, did you know that Houston is in fact the fourth largest city in the entire nation? As of the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau’s reporting, Houston has over two million residents. If you take into account the entire Houston CMSA area, which covers over eight thousand square miles (and eight counties), you’re getting closer to six million people. In descending order Houston is surpassed in size only by New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In fact, New York sunglasses are a great venture too. However Houston has another big incentive. The weather! Near the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is a great location for retailing sunglasses, with plenty of sunshine and, as we just established, plenty of people! So, it seems that the location is a solid choice. Plenty of consumers, weather that puts your product into demand…there's just one more thing you’d be in need of to be successful at retailing Houston sunglasses.

Here is the “how” of retailing Houston sunglasses… You will be in serious need of a top-notch wholesale sunglass supplier, preferably one with the ability to meet all of your needs. This is where CTS can be a big help. Aside from being a direct importer of impressive designer eyeglasses, anyone in Houston is able to receive orders from CTS quickly. Whether you’re starting out with an order of 100 dozen sunglasses, or 1 dozen; CTS has the ability to ship these to you via ground shipping within 4–5 business days. Of course you also have the option of Next Day shipping, actually there are several shipping methods available. We have our entire inventory on hand everyday, due to the size of our warehouse, which allows us to do same day shipping. Even if you’re ready to order factory direct from China, we can help you do that too.

CTS Wholesale SunglassesIf this is your first attempt at retailing Houston glasses, you might want a little more than just sunglasses. Depending on your start-up capital you might be interested in investing in a few displays or accessories. You might prefer to start small and work your way up to a larger inventory base. Whichever approach best suits your needs, CTS has you covered. We have a terrific variety of Package Deals that will give you a nice assortment of sunglass styles. We also have incredible volume discounts on large orders. Maybe the best part however is the fact that you can simply order one dozen, in a particular style or in an assorted sample pack from one of our trademarked brands. DE Designer Eyewear, Diamond Eyewear, Xsportz & Gster all offer sample packs, along with our Compare to Styles Sample Packs.

Wholesale Houston SunglassesAs you can see, selling sunglasses in Houston might be a very successful venture indeed! Visit our website today and see how we can help!