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2012 Graduation Glasses from CTS

26th Apr 2012

The esteemed class of 2012 is nearing the monumental graduation commencement ceremony date! The end of May is just around the corner, and from the adorable kindergarten graduating classes, to the accomplished graduating classes from higher education, every graduate should be wearing a pair of these "2012 Graduation Glasses" in recognition of their achievement. Sold by the dozen, in assorted colors of glitter, these fun party glasses are sure to be a big hit, and for only $8 a dozen, you just can't go wrong stocking up on these. Whether for your own parties, or to retail for a nice profit, these novelty sunglasses are one party glasses style that you don't want to miss out on!

CTS has a great selection of wholesale party glasses that will be fun for graduation parties as well. Depending on the maturity level of your guests you might be interested in our variety of drinking themed party glasses; which range from tequila shots to beer mugs and martini 'glasses' (no pun intended!). However for the younger graduates there are plenty of fun and wacky party glasses to keep the kids gigglin'! Of course a great way to get a nice variety of crazy eyewear is to opt for our brand new sample pack of novelty glasses, which can include hologram sunglasses, shutter shades and even our nutty flashing sunglasses. The new sample pack is just $24 .00 a dozen, which is a great deal.

Graduation party glasses for the Class of 2012 will be a terrific novelty product to have on hand throughout the months of May & June. Be sure to order in time! And consider stocking up on some of the other absolutely silly eyewear we have in stock. These will definitely make for great party favors at the many graduation parties that will be happening across the nation the next few months.

From everyone here at CTS Wholesale: "CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!!"