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Looking Spooky in Time for Halloween!

13th Sep 2012

 If you're planning on making the most of the Halloween season by increasing sales, then CTS has you covered! We have a wide selection of Halloween themed items that are perfect for the ghouls an … read more

Shutter Shades

6th May 2012

You have to love the latest fads; they do tend to come and go, but many of them are just plain fun! And the latest craze of shutter shades is no exception. They have sky rocketed into popularity in la … read more

2012 Graduation Glasses from CTS

26th Apr 2012

The esteemed class of 2012 is nearing the monumental graduation commencement ceremony date! The end of May is just around the corner, and from the adorable kindergarten graduating classes, to the acco … read more