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Shutter Shades

6th May 2012

You have to love the latest fads; they do tend to come and go, but many of them are just plain fun! And the latest craze of shutter shades is no exception. They have sky rocketed into popularity in large part due to the influences of current pop culture fashion and accompanying pop and rap artists that are topping the charts worldwide. With many artists sporting them in videos, or at Award Ceremonies. These days it is not uncommon to see people wearing these wacky glasses simply walking down the street, or heading out to the club for a night of dancing. Kanye West is most notably credited for lending to the overall popularity of them, when he appeared in music videos wearing them.

There are numerous styles, in hundreds of fun and bold colors and styles. Ironically you can find them with or with out lenses; opting instead for simply having vertical lines of material where the lenses would normally be. There are ones with or without lenses, there are glow in the dark ones, and even shutter shades with "bling". And believe it or not, there are flashing kinds. Some are based upon the frame style of the popular classic sunglasses as well. There are metallic colored , rainbow colored and paint splatter shutter shades too.

You might be asking yourself "where can I find a pair? Where to get 'em, or where can you buy 'em? Any way you word it the answer is the same: CTS Wholesale Sunglasses! CTS has an extensive selection of shutter shades. Here you are able to buy dozen(s) starting at only $24.00. Whether you are looking to buy as an investment, or for personal use; at the low price of just $2 a pair; it's inarguable, CTS is the place to buy them wholesale . With no minimum ordering requirements CTS is a cost effective source for anyone looking to buy them.

Also at CTS Wholesale Sunglasses you can find many other fun and unique novelty sunglasses sold by the dozen. For instance, CTS carries the popular Hologram sunglasses, which are made with high quality glass lenses and have reflective properties that have images in the reflection. CTS also carries several styles of flashing sunglasses too.