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25 Dozen Package Deal ~ Starter Pack

18th Dec 2011

25 Dozen Package Deal Sunglasses

A great way to start out retailing sunglasses! If you're looking to start selling sunglasses, from a convenience store, or a flea market; a basic starter pack is a nice way to offer your potential customers a nice selection, while still getting a nice bulk price on your inventory.

At CTS we offer a wonderful range of Package Deals, starting with a 12 pair sample pack, and progressing upward to a whopping 100 dozen package deal. Our 25 dozen package deal is an ideal first step starter pack, with a very competitive bulk price. A nice mid range option, with this deal you're able to get a terrific wholesale price, and still not over-extend yourself. This starter pack is valued at $600 and sells for $500, which is (obviously) a total savings of $100. The average price per pair is only $1.66. Consider your actual retail price and as you can see, you will be making a very handsome profit on each pair. Of course, each dozen comes in a great looking, ready to use display box too. We do also offer a 36 pair sample pack that includes a 12 pair display rack, which is another terrific starter solution.

There is another advantage of buying a pre-assorted package deal. You will be receiving a nice assortment of styles from sports to fashion. A brand new option for you as our customer is the ability to select the actual build of men's and women's styles to be included in your package deal. For instance, you now can select a ratio of 25% men's and 75% women's styles (or visa versa) as well as a 50-50 split. You can also opt to have strictly men's or strictly women's styles. This allows you to have more of a say in the styles you will be receiving and we are hopeful it will make you even happier with us as your wholesale sunglasses supplier!

Check out our Package Deals Category in our Wholesale Sunglasses section today, we're sure you will find a deal that fits your needs to a "T"!