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Buying Designer Sunglasses In Bulk

20th Feb 2017

You need to get a leg up on your competition when you are selling shades, and one of the best ways is to look for the best deals on bulk designer sunglasses. Getting the lowest prices on the most popu … read more

New Package Deals @ CTS

19th Apr 2012

As usual, the CTS Team has outdone themselves in their pursuit to provide customers with yet another way to easily purchase best selling sunglasses. Recently CTS has developed two new Package Deals t … read more

Bulk Wholesale Sunglasses

21st Jan 2012

CTS is your #1 source online for bulk wholesale sunglasses! Whether you are looking for a start up source, or you are an established volume distributor, CTS is ready to provide you with unparalleled s … read more

25 Dozen Package Deal ~ Starter Pack

18th Dec 2011

A great way to start out retailing sunglasses! If you're looking to start selling sunglasses, from a convenience store, or a flea market; a basic starter pack is a nice way to offer your potential cus … read more