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A great solution: Over glasses or over-sunglasses-glasses

Posted by James on 12th Jan 2015

Unlike some of the sunglasses technologies I have written about recently, this could be classed as low-tech rather than hi-tech. However, the idea behind what I'm going to share with you is extremely useful. 

Here's a question for you: Have you ever been driving and after a short while, the weather changed from dark and miserable... to bright sunshine? If you have and you need to wear prescription glasses to drive, you will probably have encountered a very common, frustrating and potentially dangerous problem. 

I'm talking about leaving the house with your regular glasses instead of your prescription sunglasses, then needing to drive without protection from the sun.

I saw the challenge this can create first-hand yesterday. I was a passenger in my friend's car when the sun came out and he found himself 40 miles from home, without his prescription sunglasses. His options were to either go back home, pull over and hope the weather changed or drive on with direct sunlight beating down on his eyes. None of these are great options, especially when you're on your way to a business meeting.

"Over-Sunglasses" or over glasses… sunglasses

I asked my friend if he had a pair of Over Glasses, what some people call Over-Sunglasses. He'd never heard of them, which is why I decided to write about them today. They are a very inexpensive way of making sure you never find yourself in the kind of situation my friend and I were in.

So, what are they and how do they work? They are designed to be worn over the top of regular prescription sunglasses. They look a little bigger than typical sunglasses, because they need to not only fit over your face like normal sunglasses, but fit over your existing prescription glasses too.

Unlike regular sunglasses, these come in a range of sizes. This is because of the difference in size of various prescription glasses. If you buy them from one of our retailers, you will be able to get them with 100% UV protection and polarized. 

They are low priced enough for you to be able to have a pair or 2 in each of your cars. A very small price to pay, to avoid the kind of challenge my friend faced, stranded without adequate eye protection.

I know many of you will already know about Over Glasses, but I'm sure some will not have heard about them before. If you're one of them, I hope you found this useful.

And finally folks!

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