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Australian university develops time control sunglasses

Posted by James on 15th Jan 2015

It seems that sunglasses are linked to a number of amazing technological innovations lately. Well, here's another that I want to share with you. It's all about something nicknamed "Re-Timer", which is being developed by Flinders university in Australia.

A growing health problem

An increasing number of people are suffering health problems, because of the issues created by night working and jet lag from international travel. The problem occurs because there is a part of the human brain, which regulates the state our body need to be in at night and during the day. This is called our circadian rhythm, though it's better known as our body clock.

What happens to night workers and those suffering from jet lag, is that their body enters into a night-time state during the day (making them tired) and a day-time state during the night (making them more alert). This can cause serious health issues.

Light therapy

Until now, light therapy has been an effective way of combating these problems. The challenge, is that light therapy involves the use of a light box. These are rectangular devices, which need to be plugged into a power supply, and the user needs to sit still for extended periods of time, whilst the light starts to regulate their brain.

How some funky sunglasses might help

The Re-Timer glasses offer a more user-friendly solution, according to co-founder, professor Leon Lack. His team has created what was recently referred to as being "a funky looking pair of sunglasses", which contain a soft, blue and green light. 

Because the light is created via light emitting diodes (LED's), they can be placed inside the glasses and brought closer to the eyes. Because LED's require relatively little power, they are battery operated, giving the wearer the freedom to receive their light therapy from wherever they are most comfortable.

And finally folks!

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