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Bamboo sunglasses have been around for years

Posted by James on 23rd Feb 2015

As regular readers will know, we at CTS Wholesale Sunglasses love to share the latest news and advances in the sunglasses industry with you. 

I publish sunglasses-related news and views every few days. As you’d expect, I follow the latest news and trends very closely. Something I have noticed is that there’s one piece of news, which keeps popping up. However, it isn’t news at all. I’m talking about bamboo framed sunglasses

Bamboo framed sunglasses have been around for years

Although many people outside the sunglasses industry are unaware, bamboo framed sunglasses are a success story, which has been around for years. Despite this, some of the smaller news websites regularly cover the story, as if bamboo frames were a new innovation. They are not.

I often find press release-style stories, about entrepreneurs who have launched a new line of bamboo framed sunglasses. They then focus not on how fashionable the sunglasses are, but the innovation - as if bamboo frames and all their environmentally friendly credentials were something new.

In fact, there are currently a number of entrepreneurs on crowd-funding websites, looking for funding for their bamboo framed sunglasses ventures.

Bamboo sunglasses are wonderful

They are kind to the planet, comfortable to wear (because they’re so light), and they have a unique look. They even float, making them harder to lose if you drop them in a stream or lake. However, sunglasses made of bamboo are not a news story, unless something new has been added to the mix.

And finally folks

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