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Clothing Company Gives Away Kids Sunglasses

20th Jan 2012

In response to the need for sun safety, Australian clothing company Stubbies has recently developed a line of school uniforms that provide a maximum UV protection rating of UPF50+. In celebration of their 40th birthday, they are also offering a free pair of kids sunglasses with every school uniform purchase.

"It is extremely crucial for children between the ages of five and 12 years to be protected from as much sun damage as possible, in order to prevent the long-term risk of cancer," says Josie Mileto, Stubbies product manager.

There is more to Stubbies offer of free girls and boys sunglasses. They are not only celebrating their 40th birthday, the offer is also an effort to promote the need for the incorporation of sunglasses in Australian school uniform policies.

It is now summertime in Australia, so hopefully this move to incorporate sunglasses as part of the school uniform will be accepted. Although typically in North America the school season finishes in summer, with any luck, this idea of sun safety for kids will catch on here as well.