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Clothing Company Gives Away Kids Sunglasses

20th Jan 2012

In response to the need for sun safety, Australian clothing company Stubbies has recently developed a line of school uniforms that provide a maximum UV protection rating of UPF50+. In celebration of t … read more

Kids Sunglasses Get An Epic Upgrade

25th Nov 2011

If you fall within the same age group as me, let's just say I'm old enough to know better, then you'll remember the choices of kids sunglasses back in the day were very limited, and none too stylish. … read more

Kid's Sunglasses at CTS Wholesale

2nd Nov 2011

Anyone with kids already knows that one of the biggest deals to a little guy or gal is to be just like the important adult(s) in their lives. They like to dress like us, talk like us, stand like us, … read more