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Could sunglasses help some migraine sufferers?

Posted by James on 30th Apr 2015

Today’s story will be of interest to anyone who suffers with migraines or has a family member, who's a migraine sufferer. It’s about the use of sunglasses and special migraine relief glasses, to sooth the symptoms of this painful condition.

Like many people reading this, my wife occasionally suffers with migraine headaches. Thankfully, hers are not as frequent or debilitating as some people experience. 

Why am I sharing this with you?

Sunglasses and migraines

Our doctor suggested my wife wear sunglasses, even indoors, the next time she felt a migraine coming on. Last week, she noticed the early signs of migraine and immediately put some lightly tinted sunglasses on. This is just my wife’s experience, but the migraine was milder than usual.

This motivated me to do a little research I found that regular sunglasses or special migraine eyewear, only help people with a certain type of migraine, which is triggered or worsened by light. Even then, the effectiveness will vary from person to person.

Migraine eyewear? 

If you find that regular sunglasses help you with reducing the frequency or severity of migraines, it may be worth checking out specialist migraine eyewear.

Robert Daroff, MD, professor of neurology at Case Western University School of Medicine, agrees that sunglasses would be worth a try. “Sunglasses are better than no sunglasses,” he says. 

Kathleen Digre, MD, is professor of neurology and ophthalmology at the Moran Eye Centre at the University of Utah. She and her colleagues offer a special type of filtered lens. It’s known as FL-41 and has been found to help some patients with migraines.

For those who want more information, migraine specific eyewear is relatively easy to find online.

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