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Fashionable Sunglasses for Today’s Metrosexual Man

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 14th Apr 2019

If you are in the business of dealing with sunglasses and male clientele, then you would agree that it’s not as easy to please them as they are made out to believe. They can be as impulsive and selective if not more than some of their female counterparts. If you are a retailer of men’s fashion sunglasses, the choices available in the market today are wide to appeal to a variety of preferences.

Choices in Design

Men’s sunglasses can be as versatile as their personality. There is a sunglass for every role they play in life, from a dashing gentleman to a street punk to a demanding boss even to a secret superhero. Some of the most popular designs in men’s fashion sunglasses are:

Aviator – originally designed for pilots, it is characterized by their dark, reflective lenses and aims to cover the entire eye area

California Classics – come in bold colors and designs such as checkered and plaid patterns

Polarized sports sunglasses – help in reducing the unwanted glare while letting in more of the desirable light required for sharpness

Clear lens sunglasses – one of the best sellers giving you the original look with all the added benefits of a sunglass

Flip-up California classics – has all the features of California classics with flip-up lenses

Glow in the dark – are great for adding some fun element in parties and carnivals

Frame Types

You can cater to a host of clientele by offering men’s fashion sunglasses in metal and plastic frames as well as frames with bamboo temples. There are even those with frameless lenses having plastic temples and bridge. If you like classic style, then metal frames would be your choice. Metal rimmed frames are less noticeable on the face and tend to maintain their shape even when worn over a long period of time. Plastic frames, on the other hand, are light weight and do not cause allergic reactions.

Increase Sales with Great Displays

Poorly displayed merchandise does not sell well. You can add attractive display units and accessories to showcase men’s fashion sunglasses to their full potential and increase your profits. There are many types of display racks from counter top to floor models. Rotating display units, acrylic counter top display racks in varying numbers, counter top mirrors and accessories such as sunglass straps, hard case, micro fiber sunglass bags and sunglass cords will all help in making your products stand out against your competitors.