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Happy Thanksgiving From CTS!

26th Nov 2013

Many Americans have fond memories of their school days around Thanksgiving. One of the most historically celebrated National Holidays, this day commemorates the early days of settlers and the bonds developed with the Native American people and cultures. Many an adult can recall a school play, where these historic figures where portrayed, despite poorly documented accuracy. Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower, and Native Americans graciously welcoming the Pilgrims. More accurately, this day of giving thanks is rooted in many Puritan and Pilgrim cultures, carried over from England in reverence of a good harvest. Regardless of the true origins, this has become a very secular holiday, one that is filled with family, food and an air of truly giving thanks to the lives being lived, and the loved ones that fill your life full of joy.

Alas, the day following Thanksgiving, which falls on a Thursday of November, is always followed by the largest shopping day of the year. Black Friday has become the most advertised and aggressively priced sales flood the local broadcast commercial slots, shopping ads, radio commercials, mailers; you name it! Black Friday is becoming legendary. Families will often times spend the hours after the big meal sifting through ads around the family room, isolating which sales to hit at the big retail stores. Many of these stores open at insane hours, to allow shoppers an early crack at Black Friday sales. Stores open at midnight, and frequently shoppers will be lined up, waiting for the doors to be unlocked, at which point it is virtually 'every man/woman for themselves' in the mad dash to the unbelievable sale items.

Here at CTS we are hoping that everyone has a wonderful day, filled with wonderful food, wonderful friends and a day for making wonderful memories; however, wherever and with whomever the day is spent! Leave us a comment and let us know how you spent your Thanksgiving Day! We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Thanksgiving from CTS!