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Intelligent Sunglasses: Hard to lose and handy too!

Posted by James on 11th Dec 2014

Have you ever lost your sunglasses? That's pretty-much a rhetorical question... we've all done it. 

Well, lost sunglasses could soon become a thing of the past, thanks to Australian company Tzukuri. They have developed some smart technology, which they claim will make your sunglasses unloseable.

How does it work?

The sunglasses contain a smart piece of electronics on a tiny chip. This chip is solar powered and works with your iPhone, via iPhone's iBeacon technology and Low Energy Bluetooth. This is a newer version of Bluetooth, which uses very little energy. 

So, once you have paired your sunglasses with your iPhone, their iPhone app will send you an audio notification if you are more than 15 feet away from your sunglasses. Then you will receive another 2 notifications if you walk further away. The technology works over a distance of 80 feet. 

The app knows when you are at home or at work and won't send you notifications, making it less annoying. Just imagine being bleeped at, every time you visit the bathroom and leave your sunglasses on your desk!

The app also remembers the last place you had your sunglasses. If you're at home, it will tell you as you get closer to them. If you left your sunglasses further away, the app will display a map with their location on it.

This got me thinking

Assuming this technology is as good it sounds, surely it would make sense for the makers of expensive, designer sunglasses to buy the technology, for use in their expensive designs. Many people who own costly sunglasses often have cheaper pairs, which they wear most of the time for fear of losing their expensive sunglasses. 

This technology would allow them to get the full benefit from owning designer shades, with the freedom of knowing they're pretty darn hard to lose.

And finally folks

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Photo credit: Tzukuri