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It's Toast: The cutest sunglasses model ever

Posted by James on 19th Feb 2015

Today, I have a wonderful, feel-good story for you. It’s all about a world famous designer and an amazing little dog that loves to wear sunglasses.

This year's top sunglasses model

The famous designer is Karen Walker and the dog is an adorable, toothless rescue pup, called Toast (see above). Toast has been chosen as the star of Walker’s 2015 spring / summer sunglasses advertising campaign.

Toast is owned by New York comedian Josh Ostrovsky and his wife, Katie Sturino. They rescued Toast from a puppy farm. Back then, Toast was in terrible condition. Her teeth were so bad that they had to be removed. Today, Toast is a much-loved pet and a bit of an Internet sensation. Her Instagram account has 160,000 fans; partly down to her so-called “lolling tongue”. Her tongue looks longer than usual because there are no teeth to keep it in her mouth.

Karen Walker has previously designed clothes for the likes of; Lady Gaga, Björk, Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman, M.I.A., Michael Haneke, Liv Tyler, Rihanna, Claire Danes and Jennifer Lopez. So, why did a famous fashion designer choose a toothless, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for her 2015 sunglasses advertising campaign? 

Walker explained: ‘This gorgeous redhead’s story is a true Cinderella one,’ Walker went on: ‘She was discovered living in cruel circumstances, rescued, and quickly rocketed to fame thanks to her wonderful looks, charming personality and inimitable sense of humour.’

As well as paying Toast’s modelling fee, Karen Walker has kindly donated an additional payment to Friends of Finn; which is an organization that seeks to end the inhumane breeding of dogs in puppy farms.

And finally folks

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