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Smart Sunglasses Evolved: Recon Jet

Posted by James on 19th Apr 2015

The speed of progress in the smart sunglasses market is breathtaking. Things are happening faster than ever and some extremely exciting products are coming to market.

Only a couple of weeks ago, I shared what I believe to be the most natural looking smart sunglasses yet, Jin’s MeMe. Well, today I want to share another advance, which is equally exciting.

The smart folks over at Recon Instruments in Canada have developed Recon Jet. Recon Jet is designed with professional sports people and keen amateurs in mind. Whether you’re into cycling or running, Recon Jet provides you with a HUD [heads up display], which provides useful information at a glance; without distracting you too much. 

By simply glancing down, the device’s HUD is activated and will display all kinds of useful information. It will, for example, overlay a map, with your position. This means you can keep running or cycling, knowing exactly where you are and your progress. It will also tell you your altitude, inform you of incoming messages or phone calls… too many features to mention here.

However, all that amazing utility is not what got me excited

What really captured my interest and imagination is this: Unlike most other smart sunglasses or smart eyewear, which rely very heavily on a smartphone to do the heavy lifting, the Recon Jet has a smartphone grade processor built in. It also packs it’s own accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer sensors. In other words, this device, by itself, is still pretty darn smart.

As you’d expect, by connecting the Recon Jet to your iOS or Android device, you have a stack of additional functionality. But the technology built into the device is quite breathtaking. With the technology that drives these devices continuing to increase in power and decrease in size, surely it's only a matter of time, before the smart device no longer needs a smart phone.

As the smart glasses envelope continues to be pushed, it’s increasingly hard to predict what will come next. All I know is that it’s getting better and more exciting by the week!

But that's not all!

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