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Smartphone sunglasses?

Posted by James on 15th Mar 2015

I saw an interesting article on the news this weekend, about what they called “Smartphone Sunglasses". As you can imagine, this grabbed my attention.

So, what’s the story?

Blue light blocking glasses

Parveen Jaglan, an Atlanta based Optometrist, believes that the “blue light” emitted by smartphones, tablets and computer monitors, is damaging the nation’s eyes. This is especially the case with children, who Parveen explains run a higher risk of eye damage, because they have less pigment density at the back of their eyes, than adults have.

Blue light exposure has also been linked to sleeping problems and headaches. 

So, Parveen has developed a special type of glasses, which have a coating that blocks the blue light that comes from the screens we use. Importantly, the glasses filter out the potentially damaging blue light, without lowering the image quality of the content in any way. The glasses are available as either prescription or non-prescription. 

We love our screens

In their most recent research, Nielsen discovered that the average American spends 34 hours a month looking at a smartphone screen. When you then consider that we also, on average, spend 27 hours a month looking at a computer screen, the exposure our eyes have to blue light is considerable. 

Like most people reading this, I spend a lot of time looking at either a computer screen, smartphone or tablet. I know my eye sight for close-up objects and reading has deteriorated earlier than my father’s did, in the pre-digital age. Could it be my blue light exposure over the past 20 years? I’m not sure. However, it has certainly made me think.

Research into the effects of blue light is still ongoing.

And finally folks

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