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Sony and sunglasses technology

Posted by James on 23rd Dec 2014

Sony is not necessarily a brand you would associate with sunglasses, yet a recent announcement from the Japanese giant suggest that's all about to change.

Sony announced a new technology this week, which transforms your sunglasses or regular glasses into a computer display that's visible within the sunglasses' lens.

The technology hasn't yet been named, though Sony say it will be released in 2015. 

How does it work?

The device is attached to your sunglasses or regular glasses. It's designed to be extremely lightweight, so as to increase the comfort factor. The OLED display is tiny, just 0.23-inches. However, that is the equivalent of viewing a regular 16 inch monitor or TV from around 7 feet away. Sony say that the high contrast OLED display will provide clear, comfortable viewing outdoors, even in sunlight.

The device is designed to connect via a wireless LAN or Bluetooth, opening up a number of possibilities. Sony says it is "getting good feedback" from technology companies who are interested in the device.

Learning from Google Glass

Sales of the first product in this category, Google Glass, have been disappointing. This was in part due to the price, which is around $1500 and partly due to privacy concerns. People wearing Google Glass are able to take videos and photographs of whatever they look at -- without the subject knowing.

It will be interesting to see how Sony's product differentiates itself.

And finally folks!

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Photo: Sony Corp.