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Stay Cool In Summer's Hottest Sunglass Styles

19th May 2012

Summer means paying attention to the latest fashion trends and choosing the right pair of shades can keep you looking cool while protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Here are a few of this Summers Hottest Sunglass Styles.

White sunnies

For women, white-framed shades have made a comeback from their popularity in the l980's, providing today's wearers with a casual yet polished look. Large frames embellished with bold patterns and prints in bright colors are another trendy option, accessorizing both a woman's fashion sense and personality. Frame colors that complement your complexion and hair color is also in demand this summer and fun to wear.


Dramatic cat-eye sunglasses continue to be a sought-after style that lends an air of chic to any ensemble, while oversized lenses are not only a timeless style choice, but also a practical one. These larger lenses and wide temples protect more of your face against penetration from harmful UV rays and provide extra protection for your eyes and the delicate skin that surrounds them. Remember, sunglass frames need to fit snugly, yet comfortably on your nose and ears. Look for a style that sits close on your face around your eyebrows, but not close enough that your eyelashes brush against the lenses.


Clear acetate frames that look sleek and futuristic are one of summer's hottest sunglass styles for men. Choosing lenses with darker tints allows for greater distinction between the lenses and these clear see-through frames. Johnny Depp topped off his distinctive look at the Cannes Film Festival by wearing his Wayfarer shades, reminding men everywhere that this vintage style suits any occasion. Of course, wraparound sunglasses remain an up-to-the-minute style choice for both men and women and are particularly effective at blocking sunlight from entering your eyes from the side.

Whether you prefer mirrored or scratch resistant lenses or lean towards tinted or polarized versions, you'll need to pick the type of lens that suits your lifestyle and budget. Make sure the sunglasses you select come with a lens description of UV 400 or 100% UV protection that is also suitable for prescription lenses. Your eyes will be safe when you look for assurance of this level of eye protection in any pair of this summer's hottest sunglass styles that you choose.