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Buying Designer Sunglasses In Bulk

20th Feb 2017

You need to get a leg up on your competition when you are selling shades, and one of the best ways is to look for the best deals on bulk designer sunglasses. Getting the lowest prices on the most popu … read more

Favorite Hologram Sunglasses Back in Stock

2nd Apr 2014

Customers will be happy to hear about the return of favorite Hologram Sunglasses, and even a few new ones. This month CTS is excited to announce the return of both Pot Leaf & Smiley Face Holographic s … read more

New Glow in the Dark Sunglasses

21st Aug 2013

That's right, CTS now carries several new glow in the dark sunglasses, in a variety of styles. We have the summer's best sellers ~ California Classics with glow in the dark frames, we have clear lens … read more

Styles of Designer Sunglasses

28th May 2013

Many people look forward to picking out a new pair of sunglasses from the many styles of designer sunglasses available. From aviators and wraparounds, to California Classics and cat eye sunglasses, th … read more