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Sunglasses and rock stars

Posted by James on 14th Jul 2014

Sunglasses and rock stars go hand in hand. This is as true today, as it was at the birth or rock music. So, here at CTS wholesale sunglasses, we wanted to know what the deal was.

A little investigating saw us arrive at the following 3 factors, which I'd like to share with you. There's also a bonus factor, which explains why U2 frontman Bono has worn sunglasses for the past 20 years.

Let's go!

Sunglasses conceal

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. This is because you can tell a great deal about a person, by looking at their eyes.

Think about it:

  • When someone's eyes are darting all around the room, they look nervous.
  • When someone refuses to look us in the face, they look like they're hiding something.
  • When someone's eyes are staring at the floor, they look like they are lacking confidence.

None of those are great looks for a rock star! So, sunglasses become a super fast, immediate remedy. Plus, by wearing sunglasses, the rock star can also give the impression that he or she had a hell-raising night and can't handle the light or their eyes look terrible, (even if they spent the night at home, reading a good book).

Sunglasses provide anonymity

Whilst rock stars strive for fame and fortune, once they hit the big time, they need to have time to themselves. When they don't want to be recognised or pestered by adoring fans and autograph hunters, sunglasses provide instant anonymity. By wearing a pair of sunglasses, they can usually move around without being hassled.

Of course, aspiring rock stars often wear sunglasses in an effort to imitate the look of their heroes. There's something very cool about a great pair of shades and image is massively important in the music industry.

Sunglasses are extremely cool

In my opinion, the main reason rock stars wear shades is because they create a great impact. By matching the right sunglasses to the look you want to create, you can look a million dollars without it costing you a fortune!

And yes, I wrote this wearing a pair of sunglasses from CTS Wholesale Sunglasses :)

Sunglasses can also help with serious eye conditions

Of course, those are not the only reason why some rock stars wear sunglasses. U2 frontman Bono recently revealed why he has seldom been seen over the past 20 years, onstage or offstage, without a pair of sunglasses on. 

It seems he was diagnosed with glaucoma. 

Glaucoma is a condition, which can make you a lot more light sensitive. This can make it harder to see even in what you or I would consider moderate lighting conditions. Glaucoma sufferers can get a huge amount of relief from wearing sunglasses. It makes it easier for them to see in bright conditions and also helps them avoid eyestrain and headaches.

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