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Sunglasses At Night

Posted by James on 21st Nov 2014

In today's post, I'm going to share a story about sunglasses, which is a little unusual!

Back in 1982, Canadian pop star Corey Hart scored an international hit with the track "Sunglasses In The Dark". You can see the video above. As is often the case with music, the track was to prove strangely apt for the artist and his life, following its release.

Sunglasses In The Dark Video

It was when the video was released for Sunglasses In The Dark, that Corey Hart was catapulted almost immediately to international stardom. Remember, back in 1982 the music video was a relatively new idea. There were also far fewer TV channels. So if a music video made it to TV, the audience would be huge. Hart's video become massively popular and he was propelled into the limelight with very little warning.

As Hart later said:

"I really couldn’t go out anywhere without being mobbed or chased by my fans. The transformation from unknown artist to rock star was surreal and overwhelming. The power of video certainly played a key role."

Sunglasses offered this star a little less protection

Ironically, as Hart was immediately recognizable with or without sunglasses because of the video, he found it a lot harder to avoid unwanted attention.

If Hart struggled with the fame he experienced from his music video success, it may be just as well he made what seems like a terrible career move. He was invited to audition for the starring role of Marty McFly in the box office smash hit movie, Back To The Future. Hart read the script and declined the opportunity to try out for the role, which went to fellow Canadian Michael J Fox.

And finally folks

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