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Sunglasses Cat: A Very Important Pussycat

Posted by James on 28th May 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, a new celebrity is on the scene. Wearing her wonderful, bejeweled sunglasses, this style icon is capturing a lot of attention. She has fans around the country and is taking part in a TV show.

But then she is a V.I.P: A Very Important Pussycat!

The amazing Sunglasses Cat

The super cool cat in question is Sunglasses Cat. Her real name is Bagel. Yes, she has a stage name. That’s how cool this adorable 2 year old feline is.

Sunglasses Cat is a V.I.P. in every sense of the word. Not only has she demonstrated true star quality, capturing attention and hearts everywhere she goes, she has also demonstrated enormous courage.

Born without eyelids

Had it not been for the exceptional kindness of her owner, Karen McGill, life could have been very different for Sunglasses Cat. McGill visited a shelter and rescued the kitten, who was also underweight and cross-eyed. She then lovingly nursed Bagel into the happy, healthy superstar cat that America is taking to its heart.

The sunglasses worn by Bagel are not a gimmick. McGill realized that Bagel would need sunglasses, as without eyelids, there was no way for the cat to protect her eyes from the sun’s rays or general debris.

Thanks to McGill’s love and care, the confident Sunglasses Cat is taking part in America’s Next Cat Star on Animal Planet. This serves as a powerful reminder to all pet lovers, of what can be achieved when rescuing animals from shelters.

I sincerely hope Sunglasses Cat wins the show. However, I believe that this wonderful 2 year old is destined for stardom, regardless.

And finally folks!

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Photo credit: Twitter