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Sunglasses for the record

Posted by James on 19th Jan 2015

When you think about it, people who wear sunglasses are an adventurous bunch. Mountain bikers, snowboarders, rock climbers, marathon runners... these are just a tiny sample of the activities, which people undertake wearing sunglasses. 

The great news is that it's now easy for those of us who wear sunglasses (and regular glasses), to record our adventures.

Lights, camera... action!

The thing about adventurous activities, is that they are interesting to participate in and they're also fun to watch. Little wonder then that a number of manufacturers have tried to create ways for people to easily and safely record their adventures. There's even a name for these kind of devices. Action Cams.

The most common solutions thus far are not appealing to every one. They can be broadly divided into 2 groups:

  1. One option is to have a rectangular recording device strapped to, for example, the cyclists crash helmet or their bike.
  2. Another option is sunglasses, which come with a camera built in. These are fine, so long as you like the frame design and the choice is a lot more limited, than if you were buying regular sunglasses.

Well, a third option has recently been added, which provides a welcome alternative. 

Clip on cameras for sunglasses

As I said at the start, many action sports are participated in by people, who wear sunglasses. As a result, a new type of Action Cam has entered the market in recent years. These are small video cameras, which clip onto your favorite sunglasses. The idea here, is that you get to wear sunglasses that suit you and you have no need to have a box strapped to you or your sports equipment.

The first to market with a clip on Action Cam, to my knowledge, were Geco; see image above. Well, just this week, Geco has launched their Geco 2 Action Cam, which weighs just 20 ounces and records in HD. As you can see from the above photo, these devices can be attached to any kind of eye wear and Geco emphasize that the devices are not aimed exclusively at action sports, but for recording anything you wish.

As a keen cyclist myself, I'm in the process of getting an Action Cam and it's great to see more options available.

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