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Sunglasses, hard work, talent and Prince

Posted by James on 13th May 2015

Today’s post is a wonderful fusion of talent, hard work, courage, sunglasses… and Prince.

Allow me to explain.

Prince’s sunglasses: The back story

As some music lovers will already know, Prince used to perform with a band called The Revolution. More recently, he performs with a band called 3rdEyeGirl. 

What does this have to do with sunglasses? Well, during gigs last year, Prince wore a very special pair of sunglasses. Special, because they have 3 lenses, not 2. There’s one lens for each eye, plus an additional lens in the center of his forehead. The blue tinted shades made a big impact. However, the story behind them created an even bigger impact on me.

The inspirational Coco & Breezy

The sunglasses were created by Brooklyn based, Coco & Breezy. The brand was formed 6 years ago, by twin sisters; Corianna and Brianna Dotson. (The company name comes from their nicknames). They were just 18 years old at the time. Since then, their designs have been worn by an impressive list of major celebrities. Their talent and hard work has seen the 24 year old’s achieve amazing success. 

In fact, it was Prince who came looking for Coco and Breezy when he wanted uniquely designed sunglasses -- not the other way around.

Life wasn’t always easy for Coco or Breezy. At high school, their unique style attracted unwanted attention from narrow-minded bullies. So, they very creatively found a solution. They designed some very special eyewear, transforming a pair of regular safety goggles into shades that would shun the bullies. This was an early sign of the attitude and originality that has seen them achieve so much in such a short period of time.

Sunglasses are the outfit

It’s inspiring to see what Coco & Breezy has achieved as a brand. 

I also love this quote, which sums up their passion for sunglasses: “Our eyewear is the outfit and our clothing is the accessory.”

And finally folks!

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