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Sunglasses left in a parked car almost cost $1 million

Posted by James on 1st Jun 2015

Every summer we hear warnings about the danger of leaving items on view, like sunglasses, when we park our vehicles. Law enforcement professionals tell us that vehicle break-ins are often the result of an opportunist thief, spotting something of value inside a parked car. This time of the year that’s often a pair of sunglasses.

Stolen sunglasses with a happy ending

Well, this common sense warning took a new twist recently. Last Wednesday, a couple from Seattle, who asked not to be identified, almost paid a hefty price when their car was broken into and a pair of sunglasses stolen. In their case it’s unlikely they will ever make the same mistake again. 

It turned out that they came very, very close to losing a lot more than a pair of low cost sunglasses!

You see, after their car's break-in, they decided to check the lottery numbers on a ticket, which the sunglasses had been placed on. You can see where this story is going, can’t you? Yes, the lottery ticket was a winner — worth a cool million dollars!

For some reason, the thief decided to leave the lottery ticket behind when he stole the sunglasses. The Seattle couple couldn’t believe how close they were to losing their unexpected $1 million windfall.

Remember not to leave your sunglasses on display

This story had a happy ending, but it brings a valuable lesson with it. When you park your car, it's a good idea to either take your belongings with you or keep them hidden out of sight. Sunglasses, (even cigarettes and loose change) can attract the unwanted attention of an opportunist thief. 

Of course, the cost to the victim in such crimes is more than the monetary value of whatever is stolen. Often, the damage caused to your vehicle when the thief breaks in can be considerable. In many cases, replacing the broken window or having the locks / locking system repaired can be more expensive, than replacing whatever is stolen.

And finally folks!

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