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Sunglasses news. Literally!

Posted by James on 2nd Apr 2015

Since the very first commercially available sunglasses, designers have always looked for new materials for their frames. Sometimes they look for the lightest materials. Other times they will look for the most flexible, the strongest, the most environmentally-friendly or the most interesting materials.

The sunglasses in today’s post would put a check mark next to at least a couple of those categories.

Newspaper sunglasses

The team at Shwood have come up with a new idea, for truly unique sunglasses. They have created a process that transforms old newspapers into a material, which can be used as part of the construction for their frames. 

They take 1600 feet of newspapers and then wind it into a dense, 4 inch diameter paper “log”. These logs are then able to be sliced similarly to lumber. A thin veneer of the material is then applied to the whole frame, which is made from sturdy acetate and wood. 

The end result is a strong frame, which has a look all of its own. As Shwood put it: “The finished product is a pair of sunglasses completely unique in appearance. The dense lines, swirling grain, and just a peek of text make each pair truly stand out.”

This is another great example of creative design, which seeks to offer customers an individual product every time. It's good to know that in an era where mass production has never been easier, some brands are still committed to creating originals.

And finally folks

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Photo credit: Shwood.